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what makes us similar is, we play a role. If you think you are the best main actor, always remember OSCARS NIGHT isn't made for one category.

It's 2014 and I started to write back!

Assalamualaikum and Aloha!

I'm not sure if any of my friends realized all this while I do have a blog. I started blogging since I was form 2.


Or in this context, you could change the word 'speak' to 'write'.
That's what I bare in mind. This entry might be the next victim of deletion.
It's really difficult when your mind, your emotion, your feeling are influenced and affected with what people might think and say about you. 

I started to have a blog since I was in the very young age, I'm not regret. I'm so thankful I have learnt something. At the end of the day, what makes us stand tall, is the choices we made. The experiences we gain everyday would help us in making decisions. That's what I state in me, don't be afraid of making mistakes, don't be afraid of the world because in front of you is all beautiful things await.

2014, I had completely done with school. I just left the world I used to be in. School life was so much fun. now it's time to face the real world, the badass one, the world where I have to be independent and not only leave the school but the worst part is leaving the home. A lot of things have to be sacrificed for the sake of chasing dreams, drawing a better future. it is a norm that has to be faced by most of the people all over the world. it is a first step to a practical life. it is major step to be what you want to be. it is an automatic step that everyone has to go through. it's like a tradition. it sounds like we have options but the choice has to be made before the options are yet given.

My SPM results? I must say there is one subject made me disappointed until today. overall, I'm feeling grateful.

what will I go through in the next few years? I wonder.
that's why I think I'm going to keep writing in this blog. just to share my ups and downs. if an artist only shares his journey when he already be what he wants to be. why shouldn't I start sharing today?



what if I end up as a failure?


no answer for failure.

because it's not failure, it's a wake up call.

you set your alarm in the morning, you don't want to wake up still.

you snooze your alarm for 5 mins. is this your failure?

then your alarm is ringing again.

what is your first failure in a day?
you snooze yourself too not only the alarm.

there's one thing I want to share, I didn't make it to my first choice to continue my study because of my SPM results. I have 8A's and those As actually mean nothing when there is one subject I got C.

the most pathetic part is when I took decision to RE-CHECK that C paper and my grade changed to B... it was too late. I didn't get what I wanted to. My education field now is way too far from what I'd planned.

However, I believe there is a reason behind all these things. I accepted the Diploma offer which takes 2 years and the half to finish. It's okay. I believe in His plan.

there's nothing to regret. I'm happy. more than happy.

do you think this is one of my failures in life?
I think it's not.


whatever. we never get what we want yet we will be given what we need.

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